Hungry Eyes Set Gaze on Tasteful New Website

Foodies, epicureans, gourmets, locavores… these days we have a dozens of names for food lovers and socially conscientious consumers alike. While the taxonomy of these food enthusiasts will change over time, its fascinating to find new websites that blend popular e-commerce paradigms to cater to the food loving collective. One such site, (part of the popular ‘flash sale’ network Gilt Groupe) launched full-throttle in the middle of May of this year, taking food-lovers by storm. Though the question of their overall success selling food products is yet to be seen, we can see large demographic shifts that indicate they’re attracting young professionals with high-end taste buds and incomes to match.

Demographics: Age

Demographics: Income

While the site is still fresh to Internet, search engines across the web are starting to take notice. It’s likely the baking of SEO efforts into their content strategy with the “stories” section has been successful. Rather than simply relying on brand awareness to drive the new initiative they’ve been smart about enlisting authors and chefs to add their two cents to the site, creating great content and a symbiotic relationship with popular food authorities across the web. In the spirit of sharing, one of my favorite stories was a personal story written by Shauna Ahren a.k.a. gluten-free girl about food and romance:

We can find some other interesting information about how people find the site via search. The top 15 keywords are indicators that Gilt Group has done a good job branding the new site with 5/15 referrals being gilt branded keywords. Additionally, the SEO rich content strategy of creating gilt stories has driven high average time engagement on a keyword level for inquisitive search referrals like “how much real lobster is in a lobster roll?” Where as specific food related searches like “black truffles” drove an overall high time on site engagement while also driving over 5% of search referrals. With so much love from search, Gilt Taste may benefit from featuring a story on black truffles, I know I’d love to hear about the process of finding them, maybe even an interview from a truffle hunter. After all some of the world’s most interesting people were fungi lovers, like conceptual artist and composer John Cage as well as scientist Paul Statmens (link to his inspiring ted talk).

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