The Weekly Compete Pulse

The Weekly Compete Pulse may fall on the same day every week and follow the same format as the one past, but we are anything but ordinary this week. Having just announced the launch of Compete UK, we have been spotted eating fish and chips during our lunch breaks and calling each other the “bees knees” as we cross paths in the office. Somewhat surprisingly, we did find time between greeting each other “’Ello mate” and afternoon tea to release the Compete data for June and catch up on the news. Check out these links to some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers.

With millions of people recently joining Google+ there were endless articles analyzing the pros and cons of this new social media platform. For some, like the New York Times, Google+ may very well be the next generation of Facebook: Google+ Improves on Facebook. Others, such as Search Engine Watch, are not so convinced: 5 Reasons Google+ Is Not A Facebook Killer

While Google+ may be the focus of our attention now, Microsoft has reminded us that there is and always will be more to come. TechCrunch reports on how through an “accidental” leak, Microsoft successfully distracted us a bit from our Google+ craze: Microsoft Leaked Its Own Social Networking Secret, Then Swore It Was Accidental

For those of you who are itching to make some great presentations, or those who are dreading the next company meeting due to a low-performing PowerPoint, start with these basic tips hosted by Lifehacker: A Non-Designer’s Guide 2 Creating Awesome Diagrams for Slides/Presentations

Hungry for some stats? This compilation from AdAge will really come in handy at your next gathering of social media gurus: 50 Social Media Stats to Kickstart Your Slide Deck

There’s been a lot of talk recently about influential online users (See: Klout). It will be increasingly important to learn how to incorporate this component into your marketing strategy. Mashable shows us where to start: HOW TO: Turn Fans Into Brand Ambassadors.

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About Jen Duguay:
Jen Duguay joins Compete to take on all things social media. She comes from a social issue background, most recently having worked for the Social Innovation Forum, the venture philanthropy arm of Root Cause, a nonprofit research and consulting firm. Jen's interests include singing, marketing, running, art, making guacemole, and using social entrepreneurship to tackle world issues. She has spent time in Belize and the Dominican Republic working on microfinance initiatives and recently traveled to Kenya where she studied the public healthcare system. Follow Jen @jenduguay on Twitter.