Casey Anthony Drives Serious Chatter and Attention to

Photo Credit: Orlando Sentinel

Unless you have shut yourself off entirely from the media world, Casey Anthony has become a hot topic of conversation and debate.  It seems as though everyone has an opinion to share on the case and what they would have done if they were a juror (just scroll through your first few updates on Facebook).

So although we can all talk the talk about Casey Anthony, she actually makes some interesting waves online without even trying to do so.  For example, I took a look at, obviously a “go-to” for news information, but the clear go-to for the final verdict when looking at daily attention metrics.  Not since Osama bin Laden’s death has CNN seen a spike like the Casey Anthony trial – proving that both incidents captured the minds of the news hungry regardless of the magnitude.

Additionally, the term “Casey Anthony” landed a top 10 referral spot for  “Casey Anthony” is one of the only non-branded terms coming to the site at just under 1% of all referrals.

This put the term “Casey Anthony” as a large traffic driver to the site, and also kept users on the site for the longest amount of total time.  Furthermore, “Casey Anthony” brought in referrals across major news sites and portals.

Many sites may be unaware how much they were impacted from a site visitation perspective on referrals for “Casey Anthony”.  The full list resides on but it truly is amazing how many referrals her name brought to sites from a referral perspective.

The verdict is in, while we liked it or not, for both Casey Anthony and the term “Casey Anthony”.

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