‘Tis the Season…. For Fireworks!

Fireworks cluster

One of my favorite holidays is Independence Day. Of course I love the obvious reasons, you know, celebrating the birth of a country, embracing our freedom, eating fried foods outside, maybe a frog jumping contest, the important stuff. I have to confess though, that my favorite part of any Independence Day celebration has to be the fireworks. There’s something magical about the effervescing explosions in the sky that make us “Ooh!” and “Aah!”

If it were up to me, we’d be able to enjoy fireworks every day of the year, but for most people, they only come out once or twice per year (4th of July and maybe New Year’s Eve). I wanted to find out if site traffic to major players in the pyrotechnics industry were as subject to seasonal trends as enjoying the fireworks themselves.

The biggest fireworks company in America is Phantom Fireworks. If you’re like me, during the early summer months, you’re constantly bombarded by advertisements for Phantom Fireworks, and if unique visitors to their site is any indication, those ads seem to be working, although I’m sure it also helps to have access to the domain name Fireworks.com.

uvs to fireworksAs you can see from the chart above, there is clearly always an enormous spike to their traffic in early summer, culminating at the peak in July. And there are the much smaller, but still noticeable spikes in traffic around the new year. I’m sure this trend will continue, and we can get a hint of what’s to come by taking a look at the daily reach and attention for the last six months for Fireworks.com.

daily reach and attention fireworksNow, one of the closest competitors to Phantom Fireworks in the U.S. is TNT Fireworks. However, you can get an idea of how effective Phantom’s advertising is, and the power of having Fireworks.com by comparing the unique visitors of each site. Phantom is clearly winning the 4th of July battle so far, but it will be interesting to see who comes out on top this year.

uvs to fireworks vs tntfireworks

Have you seen the advertisements for fireworks this season? Do you buy fireworks for the holidays? How will you be celebrating Independence Day this year?

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