Webinar Replay: 3 Tools for Understanding Ad Reach

ad rf webinar screenshot

Last week, Compete hosted a webinar to talk about your advertising reach and how you can optimize your ad spend. We understand that you undoubtedly spend a huge amount of time on ad targeting to get to your ideal customer, but we posed the question, “do you really know who you’re reaching?”

During this webinar, Dan Pflock, Compete’s Product Manager of Online Media Products, and Damian Roskill, Managing Director of Marketing, discussed a few of the commonly used techniques for tracking advertising reach, and then managed to identify gaps in these systems. They then gave a brief demonstration of how Compete’s Ad R/F™ product can help you optimize your display campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

We covered:

  • How to use reach and frequency metrics to optimize reach and minimize spend
  • How to determine the demographic composition of your campaign audience
  • Which websites perform the best in your ad campaigns

Check out the webinar replay below:

You can also see the slides here:

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