Quick Tip: Referral Analytics overview of Channel Intelligence

  1. Use the Channel Intelligence report to understand specific areas that are driving the most traffic to a site and its broader category.
    Bar Chart Key – The dark blue in the bar chart represents the specific domain. The light blue represents the category under which the domain is organized. In this instance Amazon.com is categorized in Mass Merchant and Department Stores.
  2. General Portals and Search in the example below 32.78% of Amazon’s traffic is coming from domains in the General Portals and Search category (examples of these domains would be Google.com, Yahoo.com, YP.com, etc). Whereas 35.84% of traffic to the Mass Merchant and Department Store category came from General Portals and Search. Amazon.com is one domain of many in this category.
    Traffic Dashboard for facebook.com   Compete PRO
  3. Social Traffic in the example, left, accounted for 4.23% of Facebook’s traffic. Examples of  domains in this category are Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Hootsuite.com, etc. The second number, 3.66%, is the percent of traffic coming from domains in the Social Networks Category to domains in the Personal Networking category. Amazon.com is one domain of many in this category.
  4. Blog Traffic in the example, left, accounted for 0.65% of Amazon’s traffic. Examples of  domains in this category are Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, etc. In this example of blog traffic, Amazon is outperforming its industry because the Mass Merchant and Department Store Category was only able to acquire 0.45% of traffic from domains in the Blog Category.
  5. Email Traffic Here’s where the interface gets really interesting! The Email Category is a drop-down menu, it works in the exact same way as the others except you can choose from any of Compete’s industry or behavioral categories. Select any Category you like, and percentages will update when you choose a new category. As a PRO subscriber you have the choice of over 220 categories to filter with, email is just one of many.
  6. Last but not least! The See All > link will take you to the Incoming Traffic tab and group the report by category, this link will take you to the report in the example: https://app.compete.com/referrals/referrals_cat_site/amazon.com. The reason it’s important to view this report is that it gives you a granular view of incoming traffic referrers to the domain you’ve searched. If there is high growth in the blog or social network categories for your competitor you may want to think about launching a social campaign or put more emphasis on the blog. The incoming traffic report will enable you to view specific sites driving traffic, to help more effectively uncover partnership opportunities.


About Lindsey Mark:
Lindsey Mark works in Client Relations at Compete and is responsible for the strategic development of client retention and support policies for compete.com, with a focus on education and training efforts. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY so she's a certified technology junkie and open source advocate. When she's not thinking about marketing or training digital 007's at compete, she's doing yoga & blogging about gluten-free diet and lifestyle. Find Lindsey on Twitter as @linji, Google Plus as Lindsey Mark or connect with her via LinkedIn.