Boston Raises the Cup and Web Traffic

Boston Bruins

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It’s been 39 long years since the Boston Bruins raised Lord Stanely’s Cup. (Easy Canucks’ fans, I know you’ve never won one in your 40 seasons. You aren’t alone, neither the LA Kings or the St. Louis Blues have ever touched the “Holy Grail” and it has been 43 seasons. The Buffalo Sabres accompany you in 0 for 40 club.) When the Bruins brought the Stanley Cup to Boston in 1972, no hockey fans jumped on the World Wide Web to read about it. The web didn’t exist, but I am sure the Boston Globe and Boston Herald benefited!

A different story in 2011 as traffic spiked on according to Boston and Stanley Cup related search terms followed suit according to Google Trends.

Google Trends Bruins

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Google Trends Stanley Cup

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daily reach for bruins-nhl-com

According to Google Trends, on June 15th, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the term “Boston Globe” ranked 6th in Hot Searches and the term “Boston Bruins” ranked 11th.

Fans weren’t just reading in celebration, they were shopping for Championship gear too. Daily reach to jumped as did searches for Bruins gear!

Bruins Apparel

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Bruins Gear

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daily reach for shop-nhl-com

What were Canucks’ fans doing in the aftermath of the Stanley Cup Finals? Not checking stats on

daily reach for canucks-nhl-com

Unfortunately, they were either rioting in the streets of Vancouver or reading about it on I think we all were interested in the former.

daily reach for vancouver sun

I for one, enjoyed not just the NHL finals but the entire playoffs. The NHL is arguably the least popular of the major professional sports but don’t tell that to Boston. In Boston, hockey is back!

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