E3 Aftermath: Nice for Nintendo, Sony Still Suffers

gamersThere were a lot of really cool announcements last week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), but two of the big players that particularly stood out were Nintendo and Sony. Both had interesting new products, and each announced brand new gaming devices: Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s Playstation Vita.

While Sony’s device is a handheld and Nintendo’s is a console, they are both interesting announcements because they appear to be, at a very basic level, just modifications of existing products (the PSP and the Wii, respectively). Given that information, it’s interesting to see how the buzz around each new product differed.

As far as sentiment goes, from most things I’ve seen around the web, people seem to be relatively disappointed in the Wii U because of its novelty appeal with the touchscreen controller. On the other hand, people seem to be pretty excited about the PS Vita because of its gorgeous graphics and low price point.

I expected this to result in a big daily reach spike for Sony.com around the time of the announcement, and things to remain pretty quiet for Nintendo.com. When I looked at the data though, it seems the exact opposite is true.

daily reach sony vs nintendoThen it dawned on me that perhaps the reason for Sony.com’s lull is that people were instead flocking in droves to Playstation.com where there’s more information about the Vita. To try and get a more accurate reading on the buzz generated, I compared daily reach for Nintendo and Playstation, and was again baffled.

daily reach playstation vs nintendoYou can see how daily reach has been high for Playstation.com recently, most likely due in part to the recent security breach of the Playstation Network. Interestingly, the daily reach takes a nosedive just days before E3 and continues to drop even after the conference was over. Perhaps Nintendo is doing a better job of marketing its new console; even though it was announced to lukewarm sentiment, Nintendo.com clearly benefited from E3. Is Sony still suffering from the security breach?

What do you think about the announcements from Sony and Nintendo? Which announcement from E3 are you most excited about?

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