Quick Tip: Overview of the PRO Referral Analytics Traffic Dashboard

Compete PRO Advanced Referral Analytics tool allows you to track the activity of your competition, industry category, and gives you a head-to-head comparison of referral traffic with your competition. There are two basic parts to Compete’s referral analytics reports on site level and category level referral reports, explained below. The comparison reports show the full referral share comparisons in a Traffic Details interface, only.

This article will review the following marked with numbered icons, below.

  1. Traffic Dashboard Tab – Interactive traffic dashboard that helps with at-a-glance insights. Note: this is the currently active tab.
  2. Traffic Details Tab – Allows you to organize the information in three different views so that you can do more granular study of the referral information.
  3. Traffic Summary Section – Shows an overview of trended visits volume in the last two years to get an understanding of the number of visits in perspective of past visitation. In the graph below, Amazon seems to be gearing up for the holiday season.
  4. Interactive Traffic Heat Map – This interactive heat map allows you to explore the referral growth and decline of first categories and then individual domains. Click on the categories to do a deeper dive into the information. When you hover over it, it shows the number of referral visits, share percentage, and the percent change month over month.
  5. Interactive Top Traffic Shifters Graph – This bar graph shows the top 15 growing/declining categories when the heat map is in the All Referring Sites view, and the top growing/declining domains within individual categories when in a category view. In the image below the map is in a All Referring Sites view, if you were to click on Web Portals and Search you would likely see domains like Google and Yahoo as top shifters in the bar graph below. Hover over the individual bars and the domain name appears at the top right under the Save Image link/icon.
  6. Channel Intelligence – see the percentage of traffic coming from categories like General Portals and Search, Social Traffic, Blog Traffic, and E-mail to the domain (e.g. Amazon.com) in dark blue and in light blue the traffic coming from the domain’s industry category (e.g. Mass Merchant and Department Store).
  7. Traffic Insights – This section of the traffic dashboard allows you to preview the top 10 sites in each of the insights reports (Top Growing, Top Declining, Long Tail Referrers, Social Referrers, and Portal/Search Referrers).


About Lindsey Mark:
Lindsey Mark works in Client Relations at Compete and is responsible for the strategic development of client retention and support policies for compete.com, with a focus on education and training efforts. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY so she's a certified technology junkie and open source advocate. When she's not thinking about marketing or training digital 007's at compete, she's doing yoga & blogging about gluten-free diet and lifestyle. Find Lindsey on Twitter as @linji, Google Plus as Lindsey Mark or connect with her via LinkedIn.