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If you’re a hockey fan, you’re probably anxiously awaiting game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals on Monday. But to occupy yourself until then, you can watch the Belmont Stakes today, or just check out these links to some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers.

Here at Compete, we love sexy data. This interesting read from Ad Age talks about how making your data look good is not only useful to help internal presentations, but also to help drive sales with consumers: Data Moves From Research Resource to Consumer Lure

Marketing on YouTube is still a mystery to many in the industry, but Search Engine Watch presents an interesting case study about how one insurance company from Wisconsin uses the popular video sharing site to drive sales for their business: Can You Sell Insurance on YouTube? [Study]

Companies that do online-to-offline well are often hard to find (with the exception of industries like automotive that are almost exclusively online-to-offline). Because of that, TechCrunch compiled a list of startups that are managing to do it really well: The Power Of Online-To-Offline Is Moving Beyond Local Commerce

In a world filled with social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, it’s sometimes easy to overlook real-world connections with people. New startup, GrubWith.Us is looking to change that by hosting small dinner gatherings with groups of strangers that can share a few tidbits of information with each other beforehand: Focusing on the Social, Minus the Media

The trend of offline-to-online has been happening for years now, with local events like garage sales being replaced by listings on Craigslist. Some startups are looking to change that mindset by bringing the peer-to-peer marketplace to location-based applications: Online Marketplaces Move to Location-Based Apps

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