How do sports fans follow games online?

Hand holding a tv remote controlIf you live in New England, odds are good you’ve been following the Stanley Cup Finals, whether by choice, or by having game updates thrust upon you by rabid sports fans on social networks. For those of us Boston hockey fans, this year’s season is a big deal; it’s the first time the Bruins have been in the Stanley Cup finals since 1990. Personally, I welcome the stream of game updates on Twitter, especially if I can’t catch the game on television. All this got me curious about how other people follow their favorite teams online.

Since it’s hockey season, I decided to use Compete PRO to take a look at how web traffic has been affected during the playoff season. The first things I wanted to take a look were the daily reach and attention for the Bruins website since I assumed that there should be a spike starting around when the Stanley Cup finals started.

daily reach and attention to bruins-nhl-com

I was surprised to see that the largest bumps haven’t been from the Stanley Cup, but in fact occurred at the end of each of the playoff series so far. Interestingly, the largest spike in daily attention came the day after the Bruins swept the Philadelphia Flyers in that series. Because most of the reach and attention spikes are the day after a big game, we can infer that people probably weren’t getting updates during the game, but rather, were checking the results of the game after the fact.

Next, I took a look at keywords that have been referring traffic to recently to see if any of them were related to checking scores or game updates.

daily search referrals nhl

Again, I was surprised to see that you have to look pretty far down the list (#22) to see the search term “nhl scores” accounting for a mere 0.41% of search referrals. It appears that most of the people end up at are looking for specific teams that are hosted as subdomains of

Sports fans must be getting their game updates somewhere. What sites do you use to see how your teams are doing? Answer the survey below and check back for the results!

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