Quick Tip: Referral Analytics Traffic Summary Overview


The Traffic Summary gives you an at-a-glance look at traffic trends for the domain’s visits over the last 24 months as well as the change that has happened in the visits levels from the prior month and the changes that happened from the largest site referrers, see the corresponding outline below for the correlations.

  1. Two years of trended visits data for the domain you’re running the referral analytics report for. In this example it’s Amazon.com.
  2. Monthly Visits break out and change month over month.In the example on the left 270,394,212 is the total number of visits for the month of September 2010 for Amazon.com

    The number below that -21,227,481 is change in the number of visits (-7.28%) is the percent change from the prior month.

    The second set of numbers represent the Direct Traffic Visits of users that went directly to amazon.com, as well as the change in visits -2,813,784 and the percent change from the prior month (-6.65%).

    The third set of numbers is the break out of Referral Traffic Visits 230,874,484 and the change in visits –18,413,697 and the percent change from the prior month (-7.39%).

  3. Top Referring Sites, shows the top 5 referring sites as well as their total number of referral visits, their change in visits from the prior month, and the percent change month over month.
  4. See All link this link takes you to the traffic details tab for a more granular view of this report within a data table. It will also allow you the ability to export and save the report in full.
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