Webinar Replay: The Compete Online Retail 2011 Q1 Review

retail update slide

Jason Caine, Director, Client Services – Retail at Compete, and Damian Roskill, Managing Director, Marketing at Compete hosted a webinar last week on the state of the retail industry. Using data from our Q1 Shopper Intelligence Survey, they explored some of the important issues facing the retail industry from the first part of this year.

If you’ve ever wished there was a way to gauge retailer performance online with a few key metrics; if you’ve ever craved some data to help you decide how successful headline-making announcements in the retail industry have been; if you’ve ever wanted to know how Facebook can function as an important marketing tool for online retailers; this is a must-see webinar!

You will learn:

  • The impact of Facebook pages on marketing in the retail industry
  • How ship-to-store is performing across some of the major online retailers
  • What a potential sales tax on online retailers such as Amazon would mean for the industry

Watch the replay below:

You can also check out the slides here:

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