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We had two webinars this week, one on the state of the retail industry, and the other on how to achieve marketing success using competitive intelligence, and we’re getting excited about another one next week on deconstructing your competitor’s SEO program. While your anxiously awaiting that webinar, check out these links to some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers.

Most social networks that we’re familiar with are about things that we’re doing right now, or things that we’ve done in the past. Now there’s a social network just for things you might want to do in the future: A Social Network for Making Future Plans

If you’re website’s already doing well, it can be scary to launch a redesign. Deep down you know that the redesign is for the best, and that it could be a great strategic move for you in the future, but how exactly do you go about a stress-free relaunch? Search Engine Watch is here with some suggestions: SEO & Website Redesign: Relaunching Without Losing Sleep

If you haven’t done the redesign yet that you’ve always wanted but don’t know where to start, Mashable gives a list of some sites with fantastic designs to give you some inspiration: 9 Outstanding Websites for Design Inspiration

Email marketing is tricky to get right a lot of times, simply in part because there are a lot of failed tests you have to go through to find what works. Timing is another one of those factors. DM News has the story: Trial and error determines best email timing strategy to maximize response

Speaking of advertising in someone’s inbox, Google is about to allow image ads in their Gmail software. This may not be big news for most people, but in a world already saturated with advertisements, targeted ads can find you even in the privacy of your own inbox: When It Comes to Inbox Advertising, Less Is Still More

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