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This edition of the Weekly Compete Pulse is heavy on social media. We’ve seen a lot of studies recently about how despite the fact that the dollar value of social campaigns hasn’t been established yet, marketers will be spending more than ever on their social efforts. Check out these links to some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers.

Most of us have probably heard the news that Twitter is thinking about buying TweetDeck. One thing that’s still uncertain though is what they would do with the popular platform. Mrinal Desai thinks that they would just be buying it to eliminate it. Here are his thoughts: Five Reasons Why Twitter Will Kill TweetDeck

It’s a well-known fact that consumer referrals are more effective than brand-to-consumer marketing, simply because the consumer thinks that their friends have nothing to gain by recommending a product. Applying this principle to traditional coupons, Sara Lee attempted to get customers to share coupons in a variety of ways with some interesting results: Sara Lee tests social couponing

The travel industry has been hurting more than some others in recent years with the down economy, and they are constantly looking for innovative ways to connect with potential customers. Find out how Starwood Hotels and other big brands are looking to social media for help engaging consumers: Hotels Turn to Social Media to Connect With Travelers

Oftentimes, small businesses struggle with having not enough resources to be able to effectively foster customer relationships. Because of that, social media is a great way for small businesses to get in touch with customers directly without breaking the bank: How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media for Customer Service

It’s always in vogue to claim that new technologies will be the “killers” of presumed dead technologies; however, that is simply not the case with social media and television. If anything television has been enhanced by interactive social media participation: Is Social Media Killing TV?

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