Webinar – Social Media Listening: Epsilon Security Breach Impact on Brands

webinarCymfony, a sister Kantar Media company and provider of market influence analytics, is hosting a webinar, Social Media Listening: Epsilon Security Breach Impact on Brands – Evaluating the Intersection of Media Scrutiny and Consumer Reaction, next Wednesday (4/27) at 1:00pm EDT that will focus on the recent Epsilon data breach and what it means for brands. Tons of major consumer brands have been affected by the data breach, and in light of that, many of them have been issuing privacy commitment notices to customers in an effort to restore consumer trust. You probably received one–if not several–in your own inbox. Did they make you trust that brand less?

In an effort to understand exactly what kind of impact data breaches can have on brands, during this webinar, George Pappachen (Chief Privacy Officer at Kantar), Natasha Stevens (VP of Insights at Cymfony), and Omri Duek (Insights Practice Lead at Cymfony) will analyze the social media conversation surrounding the Epsilon breach.

Things they’ll cover:

  • What impact a crisis situation can have on a brand
  • How to evaluate the relationship between press coverage and social media discussion
  • Why an effective communication strategy appears to have positively impacted social media conversation

They’ll also talk about what kind of role the traditional media plays in influencing consumer reaction and any notable communication strategies that helped to mitigate negative reactions and concerns about privacy.

If you’re interested in finding out whether or not the affected companies were successful in preventing damage to brand equity and restoring consumer trust, you can’t miss this webinar! You can register here now!

About Jared DeLuca:
Jared is currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Millward Brown Digital. He is a graduate of Northeastern University, having achieved his B.A. in Communication Studies. If you like what you read, you can connect with him on Google+, Twitter, or on LinkedIn.