March 2011 Search Market Share Report

search market share Mar 2011

  • Search activity picked up in March, with a 9.2% MOM increase in total query volume across the engines and all 5 engines experiencing query volume growth.
  • Bing continues to gain share of the market, capturing 17.5% of web queries in March.  Among the top 3 engines, it experienced the highest MOM query volume increase of 12.6%.
  • Yahoo! also gained 0.3ppts in share this month, bringing the total share of Bing Powered engines to 31.7% of the market.
  • Google, while still the leader at 63.8% of the market, experienced another decline in share in March dropping 1.2ppts.
  • For the first time in several months, both Ask and AOL gained some traction, with double digit percentage increases in MOM query volume driving incremental share gain for both engines.