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How to Create Competitive Advantage and Develop a Winning Product Marketing Strategy

As a b2b marketer, I am always excited when my product team releases new offerings and product enhancements. Every release introduces new features and benefits that separate us from the competition and provides more ammo when we go to market. Of course, without competitive analysis and research how would you know how to prioritize features or how to develop your marketing strategy? No matter which way you slice it, competitive

The Weekly Compete Pulse

It’s that time of year again, when we spring forward and lose an hour of sleep along the way. No cause for concern though, the Weekly Compete Pulse is here to deliver a nice round up of marketing news. Check out some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers. A good portion of our team was in Salt Lake City this week for

Facebook, Fans and Friends: Are You Cashing In?

In the month of January, hosted approximately 127,510,914 unique visitors (UVs). Of the 127.5 million UVs, just over 75 million (58.9 percent) became a fan of a page during January. Let’s pause for a moment and consider that. In January alone, just under half of Facebook’s uniques became a fan of a page. Seventy five million fans means 75 million potential consumer connections for marketers to target. And don’t

Gassing Up Your Car, Via The Internet

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been cringing every time my gas tank gets near empty – and it is not because of a frigid winter. As gas prices go up, I find myself trying to pay attention to the best price on a gallon of gas in my neighborhood. I am not doing a good job of remembering what I see. Thanks to sites like, I don’t

Beyond Social Media: How Do You Waste Your Time Online?

If you’re like me (and probably most Americans), you probably spend a majority of your waking time, even when not at work, in front of a computer. There have been loads of studies showing where workers (and everyone else) spends time on the Internet. Unsurprisingly, social media and online games tend to dominate the list. But as a social media marketer, spending time managing my profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,

SMX: Mobile Apps & How They’re Revolutionizing Search

Attending SMX West this week? See Danielle Nohe, Director, Technology & Entertainment from Compete speak about mobile apps and how they’re revolutionizing search on March 9th at 10:45am PST. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is famous for saying “…on the desktop search is where it’s at; that’s where the money is. But on a mobile device search hasn’t happened. Search is not where it’s at, people are not searching on a

Spring is in the Air: March Madness Trends are Telling

March. One of my favorite times of the year!!! New England is beginning to thaw and I like that. St. Patrick’s Day in Boston is a roaring good time and I like that too. However, March Madness takes the cake and I’m giddy just thinking about it. I can hear the words from the song that has become synonymous with the culmination of the NCAA Tournament; One Shining Moment. “The

3 Gaps In Your Ad Data: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

There are a lot of tools available to help you measure the performance of your ad media. You might get your analytics from Omniture, Doubleclick, or Atlas, all of which are great systems that can provide you with detailed performance information; but because of the way they’re designed, there are some things these reporting tools just can’t tell you, data that can only be effectively measured using a panel-based system.

Quick Tip: Content Selection and Exporting

Compete makes it easy to select and export the content you’ve already filtered. For instance, if you’ve selected a 6 month time frame in’s site profile with the Visits and Average Time metrics comparison, you’ll only export these two metrics under this time-frame when you export to CSV. Using the image below you can follow the steps to pull these metrics for the past six months. Select Average Stay

Compete Ranking of Top 50 Web Sites for January 2011 Shows Big Chill for Online Retailers

User Visits to Top Retailer Sites Quickly Return to Pre-Holiday Levels; Traffic Reached Its All-Time High, Has Doubled Since January 2010 BOSTON, MA–(Marketwire – March 1, 2011) –  Compete, a Kantar Media company, today released its ranking of the top 50 web sites for January 2011. Compete’s data clearly shows that traffic to top online retail sites decreased significantly in January, including (-32.64 percent), (-32.15 percent),

The Weekly Compete Pulse

It’s the first weekend in March, and here in Boston, things are starting to warm up a bit. Part of our team will be cooling down though as they head to Salt Lake City, Utah for the 2011 Omniture Summit next week. If you’re going to be there, let us know! Check out some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers. Some good