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The Flashy Side of Online Travel Deals

Compete recently authored two blogs on the Future of Daily Deal Sites in general.  The Travel industry has its share, too, including LivingSocial’s Escapes product.  Some, such as and, are travel only while others ( and are more retail-oriented but have added travel.  Many of these sites are affiliated with much larger and more familiar brands such as TripAdvisor (Sniqueaway), Travel + Leisure (Vacationist), and the Gilt

Live from CTIA: Even Mickey is Talking About the AT&T – T-Mobile Deal

As late as last week, I was on record that my expectations for the spring CTIA show were ‘modest,’ due to the low probability of any big industry announcements. Well, CTIA began today, but thanks to the announcement of AT&T’s $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom it looks like I’ll be eating those words. The AT&T-T-Mobile deal was clearly the talk of Orlando today, with everyone asking, what

Webinar Replay- Three Gaps In Your Ad Data: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Current web analytic tools provide great information about your advertising campaigns, but can you see everything you need to see?  What part of the picture are you missing? In this webinar, presented by me and Damian Roskill, we’ll explore how panel-based measurement can complete and augment your evaluation of your online advertising. In this webinar, we address the following topic areas: How to get a more accurate picture of basic

Quick Tip: Selecting Custom Date Ranges on Compete Graphs

Selecting a specific time frame that is not part of the predefined options at the top of the graph (3M, 6M, 1Y, 2Y) is quick and easy. Simply select the beginning point on the graph by clicking with your mouse and dragging it across to the end of your desired time frame. Release the mouse when you’ve selected the desired time frame and the graph will automatically size properly.  In

The Weekly Compete Pulse

St. Patrick’s Day continues on into the weekend, and we’re quickly rolling towards spring. Next week, part of the Compete team will be in NYC for Search Engine Strategies. Check out some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers. I’m a big fan of infographics, but all infographics were not created equal. This week, Mashable posted one of the best infographics on social

Beyond the Booth: Increasing Engagement at Conferences

The Compete team is getting really excited about next week, not just because we’re expecting to see some warm spring weather in the northeast, but because we’ll be in New York City for Search Engine Strategies 2011. We’re sponsoring a booth at the conference, but we wanted to do something a little different beyond setting up the booth and talking to people on the floor. The Challenge In years past

The Great Whiskey War

St. Patrick’s Day is a time for celebrating the spirit of the Irish – not to mention the “spirits” of the Irish. While this day unites in Irish solidarity, the accompanying flow of whiskey on March 17th is not without conflict – for March is the month of The Great Whiskey War. At no other time of the year is Irish whiskey more sought after than the weeks leading up

Touchdown for Big Game Automotive Ads?

The Big Game arrived with great fanfare. And once again many brands touted that they were players in the Big Game ad arena. In 2011, many of those brands were automakers. Compete compared un-aided ad recollection with changes in in-market automotive shopper behavior to inform whether these ads are worth the effort—and help drive sales. First Down: Recollection Compete asked about 700 online consumers which auto brand first came to find when

Old Symposia Never Die, They Become a Forum!

When you have as much gray hair and have worked in our industry as long as I have, you can benefit from looking back over a working lifetime of different conferences, summits, and even symposia. These range from small private seminars in exotic locations (I will not mention locations in case my boss is reading!) to large scale commercial events. My office and indeed some rooms at home are full

February 2011 Search Market Share Report

With fewer days in February, search query volume across the 5 engines was down nearly 12% MOM. The trend for search market share continues with Google losing incremental share (-0.7ppt), while Bing continues to gain share (+1.0ppt). All engines except Bing experienced a decline in unique visitors in February, with Bing seeing a 7.6% increase in UVs MOM. Bing Powered engines (Yahoo! and Bing) continued to increase its share of

Webinar Replay – Your Marketing Sucks

Better late than never… on 3/3 we partnered with Mark Stevens to bring you a webinar called Your Marketing Sucks – How to declare war on your company and yourself. Watch the replay below: