Digital CMO Summit: Digital Marketing as a Game Changer

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In the spirt of connectedness, and the THEME for this year’s Digital CMO Summit in New Orleans, we’d like to occasionally feature content from some of our partners and attendees at this year’s Summit.

Today’s blog post is adapted from NEAL PRESCOTT’S REVIEW of Fast Company’s February article on the “FUTURE OF ADVERTISING”. Here are some key takeaways from Neal’s review, and what it means for all of us as we ramp up for New Orleans.

A Muddy Playing Field for CMO’s

While budgets are shrinking, the ways to connect with consumers are growing. What’s the best channel to reach the super-engaged, or lightly engaged- consumer? What should the Digital CMO turn to? There’s no definitive answer now, but perhaps conversation in New Orleans may help us focus and drill down on the basics, the essentials.

Big Agency or Small Specialist?

Should a brand choose an agency with multi-disciplinary (social, pr, digital, viral, video, creative) skill sets or the hyper-focused agency that focuses on one discipline or platform? The argument can be made that hyper-specific agencies have the best ROI.

Expertise, Efficiency & Best Practices

In the fast paced world of digital marketing, brands and agencies are in perpetual “beta” mode. They’re building the ship as it’s sailing and adjusting on the fly. The most successful agencies and brands are the ones that have the best infrasrutucture and methodology in place. In short, efficiency. The ones who can design, test, execute and reiterate at the highest performing level will be the most sought after.

Coding. And Content

We agree with Neal- while content seems to be the “word du jour”,  content is only good if it reaches the right person at the right time in the right place. There needs to be a balance of creating curated and compelling content and making sure your developers are ensuring this content is optimized for social, digital, advertising, pr and more.

Also this week, check out The 7 Habits of Toyota’s Gene Brown and did you see that we were up for a “Telly” Award?. The 2010 Compete Digital CMO Summit video is nominated for a “Telly” Award. Check it out and vote here. We look forward to sharing more video content with you in the next few weeks and after the event in May.

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About Kristen Renda:
Kristen Renda serves as Marketing Manager for Compete. Since joining the company in 2008, she has been fully immersed in all aspects of Compete’s marketing programs; developing and executing both online and offline campaigns. Most notably, she plans and manages all company events including the annual Digital CMO Summit.