is Delivering – UVs That Is


Quick, can you guess the best month for unique visitors (UVs) on and Okay, I’ll break the suspense. As you can see below, December is typically the best month, by far. But you probably guessed that already.

uvs fedex vs ups

A deeper look at the data, however, reveals a few insights worthy of further study. First, UVs for fell 2.42 percent between February 2009 and February 2010. During that same period, however, UVs for increased 2.8 percent. That’s a swing of more than five percent. Traffic declined significantly for both sites in January, as expected, but UVs were up again this February (1.84 percent) while UVs were down again (2.66 percent).

An even deeper look inside the numbers, at referral data (which shows the absolute number of visits a site receives from other sites or categories), reveals another area of possible concern for UPS. In February 2011, there were 341,070 referrals from to, accounting for 1.43 percent of its overall monthly site referrals. There were, on the other hand, fewer referrals from to (283,433 or .81 percent) in February. Could this dynamic be at least partially responsible for the disparity between the two competitors UVs in February 2011?

From a category view – Freight and Storage – is out-delivering all the primary competition. Of the top ten in the category, which includes and, it was the only site up for the month. The category as a whole was down 2.2 percent in UVs for February 2011.

A final look at the top shippers reveals one area where is being out-delivered, in search. As you can see by the table below, both (2.35 percent) and (1.6 percent) get more volume from the keyword “shipping” than does (0.9 percent). And more than 30 percent of that volume came from paid search versus organic.

keyword referrals ups vs fedex

Who is winning the shipping wars? It’s not completely clear, but FedEx is doing something right, particularly in the first part of 2011. Sure it may want to take a closer look at its search strategy, but all signs point to an online strategy that is delivering on schedule.

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