Beyond the Booth: Increasing Engagement at Conferences

The Compete team is getting really excited about next week, not just because we’re expecting to see some warm spring weather in the northeast, but because we’ll be in New York City for Search Engine Strategies 2011. We’re sponsoring a booth at the conference, but we wanted to do something a little different beyond setting up the booth and talking to people on the floor.

The Challenge

In years past we’ve enjoyed attending conferences, but attempting to attach ROI to an expanded presence beyond the booth (say a billboard in the main lobby) seemed next to impossible.  The challenge was to think of something creative we could do beyond the booth and attempt to engage our fellow conference-goers in a unique way. There will undoubtedly be a big Twitter buzz around the conference and I’m sure there won’t be anyone at the conference without a quick-draw smart phone holster by their side. Thinking along those lines, we knew we wanted to incorporate the immediacy of Twitter into our idea.

The Opportunity

SES New York is one of the largest Online Marketing Conference in the US. Compete’s target audience is online marketers, so we know that SES is a perfect opportunity to connect with over 4,000 of them. Knowing that everybody at the conference will be on Twitter, talking about what they’re doing, sessions they’re attending, and awesome things they see while they’re there, we thought it would be a great opportunity to sponsor a live Tweetwall of all the tweets sent with the #SESNY hashtag. A big screen with rolling updated tweets like this one have been done before, so we wanted to give it the unique Compete flavor.


Data is our thing, and we love sharing it. If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably seen us do #datanugget Fridays. For those of you who don’t know what that is, #datanugget Fridays are a chance for us to share juicy morsels of Compete data with the world! It used to be that you could just tweet at us with the #datanugget hashtag and a url, and we would find and share some interesting information about that domain. How does this tie into SES NY you ask? We thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if people could have access to #datanuggets all the time?” And thus began the journey to our unique TweetWall.

The Result

After a lot of hard work and troubleshooting, the project turned out better than we had hoped. The resulting Tweetwall is an awesome testament to skills of our web dev. and design team! All you need to do is send a tweet with the #SESNY hashtag coupled with the url of your choice, and Compete will reply to you with a juicy, data-driven insight about that domain. You can currently see the Tweetwall here and on Try it out!

tweetwall screenshot

To talk more about the booth and other cool things Compete can do for your marketing strategy, planning, and competitive intelligence needs, feel free to stop by our booth at the conference.

Also, if you’ve been aching to try our tools, there’s no better time to start than next week. We will be offering a free iPad with every Compete PRO Advanced Annual Subscription, or you can try your first month of Compete PRO Advanced for a $1. If you like it after that month, feel free to double dip and get your free iPad if you want an annual plan.

Stop by booth 1106 next week for the details! See you then!

About Jared DeLuca:
Jared is currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Millward Brown Digital. He is a graduate of Northeastern University, having achieved his B.A. in Communication Studies. If you like what you read, you can connect with him on Google+, Twitter, or on LinkedIn.