Quick Tip: Content Selection and Exporting

Compete makes it easy to select and export the content you’ve already filtered. For instance, if you’ve selected a 6 month time frame in amazon.com’s site profile with the Visits and Average Time metrics comparison, you’ll only export these two metrics under this time-frame when you export to CSV.

Using the image below you can follow the steps to pull these metrics for the past six months.

  1. Select Average Stay
  2. Select Visits (this can be any two metrics)
  3. Select your time frame 6M or 6 months
  4. Export CSV

The resulting CSV file will include the Average Stay and Visits metrics for the past 6 months as well as the month over month growth or increase/decrease percentages.


Search and Referral Filtering

Exporting filtered results also carries over into our Search and Referral Analytics tools. If you select a Search Insights or Keyword Filter, for example, it will only export the filtered results. Allowing you to use compete to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to do as much list scrubbing in order to use the information.

  1. Run a Search Analytics Report by typing the url and selecting the GO button, in this example we’re using amazon.com.
  2. Select one of the filters in the Search Insights box or adjust the Keyword Filter with the sliders and hit the Filter button.
    Note: If you want to know what the Search Insights are filtering click on the How can I use this data link with the light bulb icon to pull up the data filters description.
  3. Take note that there are only 402/100,000 results (circled in red), making your list much more manageable. Hit the Export table to CSV link to download all 402 keywords and search metrics in this example.


About Lindsey Mark:
Lindsey Mark works in Client Relations at Compete and is responsible for the strategic development of client retention and support policies for compete.com, with a focus on education and training efforts. She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY so she's a certified technology junkie and open source advocate. When she's not thinking about marketing or training digital 007's at compete, she's doing yoga & blogging about gluten-free diet and lifestyle. Find Lindsey on Twitter as @linji, Google Plus as Lindsey Mark or connect with her via LinkedIn.