Compete Ad R/F: Understand the Audience You Reach

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Today we’re excited to announce the latest addition to our suite of media products: Compete Ad R/F ™.  With Ad R/F we set out to help media buyers and planners answer the all important question: Who is my online advertising reaching? Ad R/F answers the question by tracking online ad campaigns from start to finish and providing weekly, visual reports outlining the demographic composition of the audience reached throughout the campaign.

We’ve had a lot of fun building this product, so we wanted to share a quick snippet from one of our first Ad R/F reports. Most media professionals know that four million impressions on one site will not be the same as four million impressions on another site during the same week, but a recent R/F analysis really drove that point home. Take a look at the summary data below. These are basic reach metrics for one campaign’s placements running on two websites. The websites are both portals, and on each website the ad received about four and a half million impressions.

Now, you might expect that the exposure frequency on each site–the number of times each individual visitor saw the ad–would  be fairly close, right? Not in this case. Visitors were exposed to the ad 3.5 times on one site and 7.9 times on the other. That’s a big difference.  So why such a big disparity? The explanation turned out to be pretty simple – one of the portals has twice as much traffic as the other. The site with substantially more unique visitors delivered just as many impressions as the smaller site, but the people in its audience weren’t exposed to the ad nearly as often.

With this report a client can now make mid-campaign adjustments, and take action to achieve their desired balance of reach and frequency. For some having a broader reach might be the way to go and for others, maximizing frequency to hammer the ad home is the better way to go.

We look forward to sharing more insights and case studies from Ad R/F in the future.

About Dan Pflock:
Dan Pflock is a Product Manager at Compete where he is focused on the support, strategy, and development of new and existing media measurement products. Before Dan joined Compete he attended Bentley University and spent six years working in marketing and product management roles at Boston area start ups. Follow Dan on Twitter @danpflock or connect with him on LinkedIn or Google+