Maximizing Online Channel Effectiveness Using Competitive Intelligence

The astronomical growth of group buying websites such as Groupon and Livingsocial has been a major trend for 2010 – but what does the group buying market look like beyond the hype?

Take a look at this webinar presented by me and Damian Roskill that explores competitive intelligence and benchmarking as a way to understand what your competitors are doing online. We use Compete’s Online Channel Effectiveness (OCE) product to show how marketers can gain insights and use competitive benchmarks to improve their performance across the entire online sales funnel.

In this webinar we address the following topics:

  • Why online marketers are flying blind without competitive intelligence
  • The four key areas of the sales funnel you need to measure vs. your competitors
  • How leading marketers use competitive intelligence to drive marketing effectiveness

Watch the replay below:

Review the slides here: