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Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and we’ve already moved on to the next holiday, Presidents’ Day. It’s time again to take advantage of those Presidents’ Day sales, but before you do, check out some of this week’s news articles that we read and found interesting for online marketers.

Facebook rolled out a complete redesign of pages last week in an effort to make them more similar to user profiles. Some of the changes have clear usefulness for online marketers, but how can you know you’ve gotten the most out of the added features? Aliza Sherman at Mashable offers a guide to new Facebook pages success: How Brands Can Make the Most of Facebook’s New Pages

To fully take advantage of Facebook pages, you need to use not only the features, but also its visual appeal. One often overlooked aspect of Facebook pages is the ability to create unique and interesting landing pages. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but Mashable is here to help, with a guide on how to make your own landing page: HOW TO: Design & Program a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

Speaking of ways to make your Facebook page more successful, more often than not, people offer tips and tricks on what to do when it comes to social media. The 2011 Suxorz Awards on the other hand, show us how not to run a social media campaign: Ur Doing It Wrong: How Not to Suck in Social Media

As anyone who’s ever taken a stab at SEO knows, search engine algorithms are very complex, and it’s often hard to figure out exactly what kind of content keywords will push you higher in search rank without appearing to spam the system. Mark Jackson at Search Engine Watch shares with us what kind of content, in his experience, is the most valuable when it comes to search rank: 10 Types of Helpful SEO Content

The last story we’ll feature today has to do with the inevitable fact that at every marketing agency, you’re going to eventually lose a client. Phil Johnson tells a personal story of when he lost a valued client, and explains how it worked out for all parties involved and how the rewarding the experience was regardless of the outcome: The Best Way to Lose a Client

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