Your Social Media Puts the ‘Suck’ in Suxorz Awards

Social media 101: Whatever you tweet may be retweeted, deleted (but never erased from the internet), and remembered forever for better or worse.

Bad social media happens to good people, and what better way to celebrate the humiliation than by creating an awards ceremony to go along with social media calamities. If Joan Rivers can make fun of celebrities’ outfits, I guess we can point, laugh, and hashtag social media mishaps.

Rebecca Lieb wrote a great article in Advertising Age earlier this week exposing how the Suxorz Awards work. According to Lieb, “A panel of four marketing experts nominate their picks for worst-of-the-worst social-media campaigns. Then (this being social, after all), the audience picks a winner in each category. Competition can get fierce, and no one on either side of the stage is discouraged from opining. It makes for a lively evening.”

Categories include: Meme Purgatory, Missed Connections, Mean People Suck, and You’re So Vain.

Meme Purgatory highlights those trying a little too hard to go viral and faceplant on the internet. While I love a good meme, like Death By Memes tumblr blog, some of them fall a little flat.

Missed Connections are for those who fell asleep during social media 101 class. Offenses include having a private twitter account as a brand, not following anyone back, being completely unresponsive to tweets, adding the wrong Twitter handle to your marketing. Things that just make you want to *facepalm* all night long.

Mean People Suck is self explanatory-you’re a brand, you’re mean, and you suck. The trifecta of failure in social media. Brand failures include talking back to Facebook comments, mocking your fans, and go as far up the insanity ladder as suing your fans when you don’t like what they say.

And finally, You’re So Vain. You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you, but it’s not. It’s about me. Or the brand/personality in question. Kenneth Cole, we’re looking right at you on this one. While we love your footwear, we’ve got somewhere you can stick it. And it’s not in the walk-in closet.

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