Webinar: 4 Keys to Maximizing Online Channel Effectiveness


Image from: Shopping / Shutterstock

The IPO buzz has returned with a vengeance since late last year… Groupon has been associated with some hefty valuations. It was the first of many group shopping sites that have drastically altered how people pick where to go for dinner and get their wine-splattered shirts dry-cleaned.

Curious about what some of the key online metrics have to say about a company rumored to be worth $10B (Groupon) and its next closest competitor (LivingSocial)? Then you should block off your calendar for an hour tomorrow, from 2-3PM ET, to attend our webinar on Online Channel Effectiveness. Instead of telling you what Compete can do, we thought it would be more fun to take you inside the group shopping market.

We’ll take a look at some of the key numbers you might be interested in:

– How many people are visiting group shopping sites?

– Where are they coming from?  What types of sites are driving the most traffic?

– How do the conversion rates look so far?

– Are people coming back?

I will share the numbers and give you my perspective on what I think it all really means and how it might affect you! The response has been overwhelming… don’t be left out, register here!