2011: Best Cars

They say that the kind of car one drives reflects the owner’s character, traits, personality as well as a person’s financial status. This 2011 choose wisely the car that you will be driving according to your budget and preference:

1. 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee- for a hefty amount of $30,215 you can own this powerful, luxurious. The brand itself is already a luxury and every man would want to own this enhanced on-and off-road chops that can take you to any road you want to hit with its 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 churns out 290 hp and 260 lb ft of torque it is as powerful as a horse can be. The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is not only luxurious-looking but it is also as strong as Samson which can tow 5000 pounds not to mention that his Jeep uses a four-wheel independent suspension, what more can you look for in a jeep? It has an enhanced steering and suspension precision that no other jeep is capable of.

2. 2011 Lotus Evora- got $74,675? then you can drive home with you this pretty little thing called Lotus Evora. It’s a luxury car that looks like chic and manly enough you can drive it at work or at party. The Lotus Evora is absolutely a head-turner. The nice thing about this car is that it looks sleek but it is powerful.

3. 2011 Hyundai Sonata- practicality these days mean a lot and when it comes to cars choosing Hyundai Sonata does not only reflect how much you value money but also your practicality when shopping for basic commodities. For less than $20,000 you can already drive a car that is chosen by 2011 PMV (Popular Mechanic’s Value) as the best car. This luxury-coupe-looking car absolutely looks astonishing and with its 200-hp four-cylinder plus the company’s offer of 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty I am sure that you are a real winner with this car.

4. 2011 Toyota Sienna- if you are looking for more than luxury and comfort then try Toyota Sienna it is versatile that you can take it with you on your out-of-town trips or on your dates. This car is also spacious with a 39.1 cubic feet of extra space behind the third-row seat. Aside from that the price isn’t that expensive for only $25,270 you can drive a versatile minivan. This vehicle is also perfect for those who have kids with them or for those guys who enjoy tagging along their friends on weekends for a long ride out-of-town adventure.

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