Compete Webinar: 4 Keys to Maximizing Online Channel Effectiveness

meeting webinar projector businessGroup buying sites like Groupon and LivingSocial were a 2010 trend that will undoubtedly continue into 2011 and beyond. Online marketers can learn from sites like these in the way that they track what their competitors are doing and implement new strategies to keep up with and innovate past their competitors.

Using these popular group buying sites as a case study, Compete will be hosting an hour-long webinar exploring how online marketers should be using competitive intelligence and benchmarking to better understand the online tactics that their competitors use. The webinar will take place next Thursday, February 17th at 2pm EST and will feature Damian Roskill, Managing Director of Product Marketing at Compete, and Jason Caine, Director of Retail at Compete. They will be using Compete’s Online Channel Effectiveness (OCE) product to demonstrate how marketers can improve their performance across the entire online sales funnel.

You will learn:

  • Why online marketers are flying blind without competitive intelligence
  • The four key areas of the sales funnel you need to measure vs. your competitors
  • Key metrics in each area of the sales funnel
  • How leading marketers use competitive intelligence to driving marketing effectiveness

You can register here now, and make sure to register soon, as space is limited.

About Jared DeLuca:
Jared is currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Millward Brown Digital. He is a graduate of Northeastern University, having achieved his B.A. in Communication Studies. If you like what you read, you can connect with him on Google+, Twitter, or on LinkedIn.