You Could Buy a Lot of Beer for the Price of One Big Game Commercial

Football fan or not, people get excited for the Big Game. It could be the snacks, the actual game or the commercials, but a record number of viewers are expected to tune into Fox and watch the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers face off on Sunday.

Given my marketing background, I’m in it for the commercials. Looking back at last year, two, very funny ads caught my eye. Check them out below.

Doritos – Boy Slaps Man

FloTV – Spineless Man

A quick look at data shows that both commercials successfully drove a significant spike in website traffic, and although they cost a pretty penny, were worth the investment. unique visitors doritos

unique visitors flotv

According to Bloomberg, 2011 Big Game advertisers Audi AG and General Motors Co. may end up getting a bargain for 30-second spots costing a record $3 million or more, if the audience for the Fox telecast reaches the predicted new highs.

Is $3 million a bargain for a commercial that people may miss while grabbing a beer or eating another chicken wing? No.  But will companies continue to pay a huge chunk of change for 30 seconds of air-time and have it pay off handsomely? Yes, and we can’t wait to see this year’s line-up!

About Aaron Smolick:
Aaron Smolick is the Senior Director of Marketing at Compete. Aaron spends his time at Compete building brand awareness and lead generations while managing the PR, the Kantar relationship and the day-to-day marketing efforts--he greases the wheels and connects the dots. Before Aaron joined the Compete team he ran the US division of the Samsung gaming division. He hopes to eventually climb the corporate ladder where the dots become larger.