It’s T-Shirt Time!

It’s no secret the I love “The Jersey Shore” and tonight is the season premier. To say that I am excited is an understatement. The housemates are headed back to Seaside, NJ where it all started. My favorite ‘character’ is Snooki. I don’t know what it is about that girl, but she cracks me up. Perhaps it’s that we’re similar in height, sassy, a little silly, and we’re both from New York. Other than that, we have absolutely nothing in common (well, okay…I like pickles, too).

I decided to do a search on to see what websites get the most traffic when you search for the most common misspelling, “Snookie,” to see what would happen and here are the results:

Upon seeing I was immediately intrigued and then greeted by the most epic use of a Bumpit ever, so  naturally I had to find out where one might find the Bumpits website. Low and behold Wow. Just wow. And look at what Snookie has done for the Bumpit. Completely unknown to Americans before the launch of the Jersey Shore, save a few hairdressers in locations I cannot fathom finding, Snookie brought her Bumpit to the Jersey Shore and an additional 80K Unique Visitors to the Bumpits website after the first season of “The Jersey Shore” in 2009.

Snookie served to be a Bumpit for bighappiehair’s site traffic, but like a bad hangover, it didn’t last. If you’re tuning in tonight, I’ll be sending you a fist bump from my couch in Boston. Don’t forget to get your GTL in before the premier. It’s t-shirt time!

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