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The Weekly Compete Pulse

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s know it’s hard to believe ladies and gentlemen, but the ball will drop tonight signifying yet another miraculous year has passed us. What are your favorite memories? If you haven’t already, check out this Google Zeitgeist video which portrays 2011 through Google searches & maps: Zeitgeist: 2011 Year in Review Also, for a recap of Compete’s top blog posts in 2011 check out: 11 Defining Digital

The NBA is back! Wait, did anyone know it was gone?

Image from: NBA / Shutterstock Why was there so much to look forward to on December 25? It was the day millions eagerly looked forward to: the return of men’s professional basketball. Unless you were one of the many who didn’t even care (or notice) that the season was beginning over a month late. At noon on Christmas Day, the NBA got things underway with my Boston Celtics going up

The 6 People Twitter Should Bring if Stranded on a Desert Island

Image from: Andrew Doran / Shutterstock As a brand who seeks out any way to engage with our customers, friends, and other our industry experts, we openly admit that we need Twitter. We might even go so far as to say that we are addicted to it. It seems that in this day and age if a company does not have a social media presence they are not only outdated, but also

The Biggest Gainer: 2012 Gym Websites

Image from: Stuart Jenner / Shutterstock We’re all guilty of that new years resolution we don’t keep. Perhaps the most common resolution with the worst reputation is to get in shape and spend “___ amount of days” in the gym every week. It’s the reason why every gym across the states is packed on January 1st and regains complete normalcy only a few weeks later.  Funny enough, online traffic often

11 Defining Digital Insights of 2011

Image from: SVLuma / Shutterstock Every day, Compete analysts dig through our data of internet usage and provide our readers with an insight on an industry or online trend. Whether we are discussing the latest holiday shopping trends or the impact of the #Orbitz25Days of Holiday Travel social media campaign, we aim to provide online marketers with context and impact measurement surrounding some of today’s hottest trends. As a tribute

The Weekly Compete Pulse

With the majority of holiday shopping under our belt (we know you haven’t forgotten about those “After Christmas Sales”), it’s time to wind down, read a book, and catch up on all of the marketing news you missed last week. We figured many of you would be too busy to read up on the articles this past weekend, so we’re doing a special version of the Pulse today. No matter

What’s it like to be a Competer?

I wrote about the Compete Experience a little over a year back.  As our recruiting season heats up again, I’ve realized that with growth comes change.  The reality of being a Compete employee has changed tremendously over the last year with the 75 additional people we added to our team.  I’m proud to say that through our intense growth, we were able to make our employee experience that much better. 

Visits to Online Retailer Sites Up 20M Visits Last Week

Online retailers continued doing a break business last week.  Total visits to online retailers climbed to 662M total visits; up 20M visits from the same week in 2010. Last week’s increase is the latest in a series of banner weeks for the online retail industry as consumers signal their desire to trade in their cars for laptops to shop for gifts. The big winners continue to be mass merchants and

When it Comes to a Sweater, Ugly is Better

The ugly sweater… a Christmas tradition as old as Saint Nicholas himself.  Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but the fad of donning an ugly holiday-themed sweater at venues ranging from college parties to family gatherings (although maybe your Uncle Bill isn’t wearing that sweater ironically, but still) has become increasingly popular in recent years.  Now some naysayers might call into question such a drastically bold and controversial claim.  To

Last Minute Shoppers Take to the Web

Image from: RT Design Studio via Shutterstock Christmas is this Sunday, which means stores are hopping with last minute shoppers trying to check their final few items off their Holiday shopping lists.  As of December 11, more than half of consumers had finished more than 75-percent of their Holiday shopping, but surprisingly, 1 out of 10 had not even begun! Compared to shopping the week prior, Toys and Games were

The Top 10 Elves of Online Shopping

Image from: Lasse Kristensen via Shutterstock Are you behind on your holiday shopping? You aren’t alone! As of December 4th, 21% of shoppers surveyed had completed only 10% or less of their holiday shopping. Whether you are in a pinch for time or just have no idea what to get your brother, best friend, or niece, it’s common to seek the Internet for suggestions. If you are a retailer, it’s