Compete November Category Data Show Strong Seasonality Trends to Marketers

Compete’s November data shows strong seasonal trends in several categories including the Skiing/Snowboarding Enthusiasts category (up 24.29 percent overall for the month) and Golf Enthusiasts (down 19.10 percent overall) and Home Improvement Enthusiasts (down 12.61 percent overall). Marketers can use trend data such as this to more effectively target digital marketing and advertising investments over time.

A deeper look within each of the Compete categories reveals interesting micro trends that are relevant to brands marketing products and services within those categories. Deeper insights include:

The Skiing/Snowboarding Enthusiasts category typically gets a big lift in October and November and then sees a major peak in December. Snowboard retailer led the category search share for the month.

The Golf Enthusiasts category typically drops appreciably after August, reaching the hole in November before scoring big in December. The category drops again in January before reaching a strong April peak.

The Home Improvement Enthusiasts category shows that do-it-yourselfers typically slow down after the fall leaves are bagged. Both November and December are down months for the category. While the Shopping: Home and Garden category — which includes and — did increase UVs by 7.07 percent, there is enough underlying data to suggest that do-it-yourselfer hibernation is an issue worth a closer look by marketers in this segment.

Read the full press release on Compete’s November category data.

About Karen Costa:
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