Holiday Toy Story–The Sequel

We wanted to follow up on our previous blog that highlighted the top 5 searched toys on ToyRUs this holiday season and look at where searchers went after they searched for these terms on the web.

Top Site Visited Post Search – (10/10-11/27)

Four out of five top destinations were intuitive to us, though we were surprised at Youtube being the #1 referred site for Nerf. Hasbro, the Nerf manufacturer was a very close second, but it looks as though searches for video demos of the newest models (particularly the Nerf Stampede) tipped the scales.

We then looked at the leading online retailers’ share of referrals from these top searched toys between 10/10-11/27/2010. We included,, and We found the following nuggets:

Nintendo DS generated the highest average referral to a
retailer, with 5% of traffic continuing on to one of these
retailers received the highest share of search traffic
among this group of retailers
Kinect was the exception as
attracted the largest share of searchers directly to its site.’s win over Amazon demanded a closer look and we looked at the referral share broken out by week to find that it was really Thankgiving week that tipped the scale in favor of’s paid search breakout shows us that this win wasn’t coincidental – 76% of the people who searched for Kinect and ended up on Walmart arrived via paid search compared to Amazon’s 44%.

-We’ll follow up after the holidays to take another look at conversion rates for these top toys over the holiday season – stay tuned for Holiday Toy Story 3.

About Lindsay Steinbach:
Lindsay Steinbach is an Associate in Retail and Consumer Products at Compete. Lindsay is responsible for data mining and providing analysis for a wide rang of retail and CPG clients. Before Lindsay joined the Compete team she was a student at Dartmouth College. Connect with Lindsay on LinkedIn