Holiday Toy Story

It’s likely that either you or one of the 2 people sitting next to you has already bought a toy or game this holiday season. The Compete Holiday Insights™ Survey found that over a third of shoppers have already purchased toys or games this season, a category slightly behind the leading clothing and shoes category and 10 points ahead of the books category.

To see how toys were shaping up online, we sought out the top toys for the season and judging by daily reach of traffic on, we felt ToyRUs was a solid reflection of the holiday season toy market:

Having selected, we then looked at the top on-site branded searches to determine the hottest toys this season and compared those to 2009, drum roll please…:

While the classic Lego tops the charts, enter Kinect, the new X-Box “invisible” controller that drove Nintendo’s Wii off the top 5 chart and the DS down 3 spots. Nerf’s new product releases including the new Nerf video game may have affected its move up to second place. Zhu Zhu pets, last year’s star new entrant has disappeared while the seemingly eternal Dora reappeared this year.

We then looked beyond ToyRUs to see how these products were faring on web wide search and found that Lego owned over half the search query market among these five. Kinect, despite being such a new player, took second place, likely because of the new toy hype but also because this “toy” appeals to adults as well.

Looking at the weekly chart below, we can see that web queries for these items were slowly rising over the past few weeks, however the real holiday zeal kicked in during Thanksgiving week and this year’s explosive Black Friday.

Tune in for our next post that will look at which retailers are grabbing the toy and games search traffic!