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‘Tis the Season for Snarky Greetings

What better way to show you care during the holidays than with a hilariously snarky, sometimes racy e-card that would make your grandma blush? While many flock to the stores to purchase sentimental greeting cards or personalize holiday cards with family photos, others are releasing their true feelings about the holidays with a side of sassy-ness (and maybe a little eggnog). In the top five referring keywords to is

Compete’s Audience Profiles

How well do you know your website’s audience? Do you know the demographics, geographics, interests, or lifestyle preferences of your website’s audience? What if you were able to show this information to potential advertisers, or know this information before buying an ad? Compete’s Audience Profiles offers extensive audience insights that allow you to develop highly targeted marketing campaigns that reach your ideal customer. Get started-it’s free! Step-by-step instructions on how

Compete November Category Data Show Strong Seasonality Trends to Marketers

Compete’s November data shows strong seasonal trends in several categories including the Skiing/Snowboarding Enthusiasts category (up 24.29 percent overall for the month) and Golf Enthusiasts (down 19.10 percent overall) and Home Improvement Enthusiasts (down 12.61 percent overall). Marketers can use trend data such as this to more effectively target digital marketing and advertising investments over time. A deeper look within each of the Compete categories reveals interesting micro trends that

I’m the mayor! So what?

Are you on Foursquare, Gowalla or any other check-in services? I use Foursquare and like many of my friends, I’m beginning to wonder “What’s the point?” So far, they’re great in theory, but not in practice. Gowalla boasts that you’ll “find inspiration to explore the world around you while picking up rewards from local eateries, venues, and retail stores.” Similarly, Foursquare says that it’s “a mobile application that makes cities

Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Gift Cards come up on top

With only a few more shopping days until Christmas, consumers will be hitting the stores and web to find their last minute gift items.  According to the latest Compete Holiday Insights™, as on Dec 12, only 17% of consumers had finished their holiday shopping and a shocking 12% had no even begun!  The week of Dec 6 did mark a turning point, though—more than half of respondents (62%) had completed

It’s a Merry Christmas for e-Retailers

This holiday season is on track to be very merry for retailers, particularly those who rely on online sales to bolster their bottom line.  Shoppers have been hard at work, scouring the web for the perfect gifts.  Year-over-year comparison of average daily reach to top online retailers reveals online shopping averaging about 42% higher this year than in 2009. Not only is online shopping up year-over-year, it is outperforming offline

Battle of the Books

It’s time for the holidays again and my favorite gifts to give are books. There is one for everyone and a trip to a bookstore can often be a one stop shop for all my holiday shopping needs. For the past few years now, I have stopped physically going to the bookstore and started exclusively shopping online. I often find myself deciding between Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders.  If

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here are some articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers. Starting a business blog? Or maybe you already have one. This article from Social Media Examiner offers best practices to help your business blog succeed: The 5 Pillars of Business Blogging Success Videos are becoming an increasingly popular source of marketing. In this article, Mashable reminds us how powerful a marketing video can be for your

November 2010 Search Market Report

Overall search query volume across the 5 engines remained relatively flat, with a 0.6% MOM increase. Bing Powered engines as a whole grew 4.3% MOM in query volume, driving its total market share up by 1ppt. Bing and Yahoo!’s respective market shares continue to be nearly the same; although Yahoo! experienced a slightly greater query volume growth in November. Bing had the highest growth in the number of unique visitors

What’s In Store for the Auto Industry in 2011?

2010 has proved to be a year of modest recovery for the US auto industry. Sales have overall more consistently outperformed year ago levels while GM and Chrysler have worked diligently to get back on their feet again. But what should we expect for 2011? Compete uses its proprietary ability to track in-market consumer behavior to understand drivers and inhibitors of vehicles, brand, and market sales. Using those same tools,

Holiday Toy Story–The Sequel

We wanted to follow up on our previous blog that highlighted the top 5 searched toys on ToyRUs this holiday season and look at where searchers went after they searched for these terms on the web. Top Site Visited Post Search – (10/10-11/27) Four out of five top destinations were intuitive to us, though we were surprised at Youtube being the #1 referred site for Nerf. Hasbro, the Nerf manufacturer