The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here are some articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers.

Some of your fans are more than just fans, they are your brand influencers. Mashable reminds us the importance and value of our brand influencers, who are now the most efficient source of driving traffic to your site, beating out display and search!: HOW TO: Activate Your Brand’s Super Influencers

Looking for a giant lift in ad response for the holidays? Search Engine Watch shares insights for recapturing those shoppers who leave your site. Dan Yomtobian reminds us the importance of a remarketing campaign to help you combat rising cart abandonment rates: Keep The Holiday Gifts in Their Carts With Remarketing

By now everyone is beginning to understand the power behind social media. In this article, Social Media Today highlights three reasons why social media is an excellent channel for offering customer support and why no business can afford to not offer customer support through social media: 3 Reasons Why You Should Provide Customer Support on Social Media

Trying to gain more coverage to your blog, but can’t figure out what to invest in to get there? ProBlogger offers their insights as to why, for bloggers, social media is a better time and effort investment than SEO, and why SEO is not worth worrying over: Why Social Media Is a Better Investment Than SEO

DMNews reminds us that good analytics are invaluable. The article explains how good analytics are so powerful, allowing your business “to do a better job planning and targeting, resulting in better responses and higher marketing ROI” while attracting more customers and gaining that competitive advantage: Good Analytics Lead to Better Decisions

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