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The search market is continuing to change the user experience – previews of web pages, social search features, just to name a few – and to a certain extent, the definition of a “search query” must evolve accordingly. Compete is expanding its definition to capture user-generated search queries, while excluding events triggered by pauses, hovers, and other activities that may be engine-specific.

Queries now include users who type in a search term and either:

 Hit the enter key to retrieve search results, or
 Click on a search button to retrieve search results, or
 Click on a search result to indicate they found what they are looking for. This is only counted as a query in the event that a user has not already hit enter or clicked on a search button.

What did we see in October?

 Bing Powered Search increased its combined market share across Yahoo! and Bing by 2.2ppts, capturing 28% of the web search market.
 Bing surpassed Yahoo!, increasing its share by 1.6ppts with a MOM query volume growth of 16.2%.
 Google experienced a slight query volume decline, with its share decreasing 2.4ppts.
 The number of unique visitors to Bing increased 13.6% MOM. Yahoo! saw a slight increase in unique visitors, while Google saw a slight decrease.

With the engines continuing to change the search experience in an effort to deliver faster and better results, we will continue to monitor how consumers react to those changes.

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