Shoppers turn to the web for Black Friday deals

As Thanksgiving grows closer, so does the official launch to the holiday shopping frenzy. Retailers open their doors as early as midnight on the Friday after Thanksgiving, offering massive deals and discounts. This day, also known as Black Friday, has become the unofficial start to the season of shopping. According to Compete data, consumers are increasingly turning to the web to find the best places to shop on Black Friday.

The Compete category profile of Black Friday-related sites shows a clear annual trend. Traffic to these sites is nearly non-existent most of the year, but spikes to over 10 million unique visitors in the month of November. Looking at the past two years of data, five million more visitors went to this group of sites in 2009 than 2008, an increase of almost 40% year-over-year.

While it’s clear that shoppers turned to these sites in greater numbers in 2009, I also wanted to see how traffic was faring in 2010 so far. Using the same category of sites, I compared the traffic to this category for the first week of November over the past three years. According to the data, there were more unique visitors to Black Friday sites at this point last year. However, 2010 traffic is still well beyond 2008 levels. With lower numbers at the start of the month, it will be interesting to see how traffic will trend for the rest of November. Though the clock is ticking, shoppers still have some time left to get online and find out the best Black Friday deals.

*Top sites in the Black Friday custom category:

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