The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here are the articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers.

Still trying to figure out the social media phenomenon? In this article Mashable identifies five brands your company can learn from. These brands just know how to use social media, “incorporating their communities and core brand values, and actively participating across multiple platforms”: 5 Big Brands That Are Rocking the Social Media Space

It can seem like a challenge sometimes trying to gain blog traffic. Social Media Today shares with us the power of social media when trying to grow your blog traffic, and just how to leverage that social media: How To Use Social Media To Reach Blog Traffic Nirvana

The holiday season continues to creep closer, and retailers will be fighting for consumers dollars. To get ahead this holiday season, Advertising Age reminds us the power of technology in order for retailers to get a leg up on the competition: Tech Trends That Are Hot for This Holiday Season

SEO is an important aspect for all online marketers. Search Engine Watch brings us an article sharing tips on how to diversify your SEO, and highlights the importance of search engine optimization for brands’ internal pages as well: Diversifying Your SEO

For B2B companies the social media space doesn’t always seem like the right place to turn to for marketing. However, in this article Mashable highlights 5 case studies that demonstrate how B2B marketes can use social media “to generate leads, create specialized communities, improve SEO, become knowledge sources, and strengthen marketing campaigns.”: 5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

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  1. Todd

    Interesting how social media can be used so effectively for some companies.

    I just wonder how they have so much time to be social? Guess i need to read the articles noted above.

    However, without hiring someone to maintain and use reliable tools, there can’t be enough for any one human to be so social. By the way, having someone else or software make posts takes out the social part doesn’t it?