Addition of Nutrition

Halloween is over and your office is flush with left-over candy. If you’re like most people, you’re worried that this is just the beginning of the season when gaining an extra 10 lbs is a very real specter. It’s time to start preparing to say “no” when asked if you want an extra slice of grandma’s famous Yule log. But how?

To the rescue comes which features a Self Nutrition Data site with an instant food analyzer so you can find out exactly how many calories are in that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in your hand right now. Launched in July, in the heat of bathing suit season, the Self Nutrition Data initiative was a healthy success, enabling to add 410,578 unique visitors to its monthly count.

Bravo,! Your site has always provided readers with healthy eating tips and convenient exercise routines, but your BMI calculator, recipe analyzer and food tracker seem to be what people really want and it keeps them coming back.

It was also genius to add the widget to the homepage because six out of the top 10 keyword referrals for the site include the word “nutrition.” Coincidence that there has been a visitors spike since the addition of the Self “Nutrition” Data page? I think not!

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