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Movember Grows More Than Just Mustaches

There’s been a lot of talk lately in my social media circle about the idea of social media for social change. How can we activate a community or network to support a cause? With all the charities and causes out there, how do we choose one? How do we spread information about our cause? I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do have a cause that I’m passionate

The Web Isn’t Dead — But Research Is A Mixed Berry Torte

I was somewhat distraught about my career prospects when I read the proclamation on the front of Wired magazine last month: “The Web is Dead.” The articles supporting the title were interesting and by reading them, I realized that things were not as bleak as the cover line seems to be saying they are.

Welcome Holiday Season 2010!

The holiday shopping season seems to get earlier and earlier every year.  According to the Compete Holiday Insights™ survey, consumers have already begun crossing items off of their shopping lists.  As of October 11, half of consumers surveyed had started their holiday shopping for the year and 16% had completed at least 25 percent of their shopping.

What Drives Shopping Behaviors Among Women?

A couple months ago, MediaPost published an article showing the results of a study they had conducted on the behaviors of women (using data from Ipsos Mendelsohn’s affluence surveys). Using the survey data, they were able to conclude that affluent moms have much more similar shopping and behavior patterns to those of less affluent moms as compared to the patterns of affluent women without children (affluence as defined by an

The Weekly Compete Pulse

These are the articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers.

Online Football Power Rankings (10/9 – 10/10)

The weekend is almost here and everyone is ready for some football, but first, let’s take a look back at the Online Football Power Rankings from last week.  Each week we look at Saturday’s Daily Reach for sites in the College Sports Team Sites category and Sunday’s Daily Reach for sites in the NFL Team Sites category.  Daily Reach is defined by how many people visit a specific site as

Spirit: The Airline America Loves to Hate

Spirit Airlines – America’s first “ultra-low-cost-carrier” – has had an eventful 2010. Already notorious for its questionable ad campaigns and aggressive monetization strategies, the airline has recently pushed the boundaries in both arenas, and in turn faced seemingly constant and harsh public criticism. So why, amidst all of this, do we believe this just may be Spirit’s finest hour? By tapping into the clickstream activity of its two million person

Wasting Time With Websites

Everyone loves wasting time on the internet, and the internet loves giving you websites to waste your time on. Everyday people all over the world go online and spend countless hours clicking through mindless websites to entertain themselves or just pass the time. I know from personal experience, there’s been a few times that I have been sitting on a train ride, couldn’t sleep, didn’t have much reading material or

"Buzz Is Not Sales" with Jeffrey Hayzlett Wrap-Up

We just finished up the “Buzz is not sales” webcast with ‘Celebrity CMO’, marketing guru, and best-selling author, Jeff Hayzlett and had some great takeaways from the SES webcast. During this webcast, Jeff Hayzlett opened up about his own view of marketing and the challenges he’s faced during his career.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here are the articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers. Everyone dreams of customers flocking to their website. In this article, Idaconcpts asks you five questions to consider in order to increase traffic to your website: 5 Issues to Consider to Increase Website Traffic Preparing for the holiday season? DMNews highlights the importance of email marketing and how to improve your email marketing for the upcoming

Upcoming Webcast: "Buzz is not sales!" with Jeff Hayzlett

“Buzz is not sales!” with ‘Celebrity CMO’, marketing guru, and best-selling author, Jeff Hayzlett Date: Monday, October 11, 2010 Time: 1:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT