Daily Reach vs. The Gap Logo Swap:

As we all know the Gap logo is back to the way it always has been. How did daily reach get affected during the swap out stint? See the red circle above on October 4th; this is the date of the “new” logo release. Reach was the highest it has been in the past 6 months, meaning on that date Gap.com was visited, amongst the IBP, higher than any other point, even August 19th. For those who remember, August 19th was the date Gap partnered with Groupon for a sensational clothing deal. This proves that Gap is cared about in more ways than one, brand AND clothing affinity.

About Pashmeena Hilal:
Pashmeena Hilal is a Senior Associate at Compete. Pashmeena does competitive analytics, POV's and surveys for the retail division of Compete. Before Compete Pashmeena was an agency account manager at Carat and Studiocom.