Upcoming Webcast: "Buzz is not sales!" with Jeff Hayzlett

jeff hazylett

“Buzz is not sales!” with ‘Celebrity CMO’, marketing guru, and best-selling author, Jeff Hayzlett

Date: Monday, October 11, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT

Can you take a good long look at yourself and honestly say you’re doing everything you can to succeed? Are you aware of your reflection at all times? In The Mirror Test, Jeff Hayzlett takes marketing “by the horns” and spells out how companies need to re-examine their traditional marketing methods and urges the use of three well-actualized mirror tests to help them overcome their shortcomings. Not only does a company need to pass the mirror test, a great company needs to adapt.

What makes The Mirror Test all the more transformational is how Jeff Hayzlett successfully carried out his own directives, becoming one of the great corporate evangelists of social media in the global marketplace. When it comes to the bottom line, for Jeff, “Buzz is not sales.” If you ever wanted to learn more about what to ask before jumping off on any new initiative or project, than this is the webcast for you to join! Get an advanced preview of both Jeff’s keynote address at SES Chicago and more insight into his best-selling book, The Mirror Test.

This webcast will see Jeff and moderator Mike Grehan discuss The Mirror Test and how companies can make the changes necessary in their marketing strategies to see their sales climb!

6 books will be given away to those attendees who get their most pressing marketing-related question selected for Jeff to answer during the webcast!

This webcast is sponsored by Compete.

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Jeff Hayzlett, former CMO of Kodak and author of bestselling book, The Mirror Test kicked off day one of the Digital CMO Summit as the keynote speaker. His booming voice and commanding presence captured attendee’s attention and left a lasting impression. Jeff focused on the challenge of transforming Kodak from “your mother and father’s brand” to be younger, cooler and edgier. There is a lot to learn from Jeff’s blended approach to marketing and his philosophy that in order to evolve in the digital world we need to take more risks in order to succeed. You can see Jeff Hayzlett in action on Compete’s YouTube channel!

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