Seasonal Traffic Trends to Weightloss Websites

Many Americans are always looking to drop a few extra pounds. When the weather starts heating up in the early spring, many people start thinking about new bathing suits for the summer season. Naturally, as people begin to break out the bikinis and trunks and bear their stomachs to the world they begin to think about just how great their body is looking at the moment, and ask themselves… “Am I ready for bathing suit season?” So as summer comes near many people begin to concern themselves more with diet and exercise.

When summer ends, and September hits, most people are looking their best with their sun kissed skin and bathing suit bodies. But before we know it, the holidays are creeping up on us. First comes Halloween, an excuse to eat too much candy. Thanksgiving follows behind, not even a month later, a holiday meant for eating too much food. Finally, last but not least, Christmas time. I say “time” specifically because we all know the Christmas season is much more than only a day, it’s a week or two of holiday parties, cookie exchanges, cooking and baking, etc. It’s the perfect occasion to make your stomach look a little more round. Once the holidays finally cease, and the New Year commences multiple people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, and get back in shape.
unique visitors to caloriecounterunique visits to to weight watchers

As we can see on, a website that helps promote weight loss, there begins to be an increase in the website in March, the Spring break season, and continue to grow into April as the temperature and bathing suit shopping season heats up. It had previously increased in October, as people prepare for the upcoming holiday season, and try to drop a few pounds before. Finally, it reaches it all time high in January. After the holiday season ends, and the New Year commences, many people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and/or get back into shape.

Similarly on, another website that is promoting weight loss we see similar traffic trends. There is an increase in September as a new school year begins before the holiday season commences. It’s easy to see that it starts decreasing after September and hits a low by December as people enjoy the holiday season and don’t concern themselves quite as much with weight loss. Traffic to hits an all time low in December, before it hits an all time high in January as people make their New Years weight loss resolutions. Finally, similarly to there is an increase in traffic again in April as people prepare for bathing suit weather again.

So as the holiday season of sweets, food, and more food sneaks up on us, don’t forget that there’s always January for your New Years weight loss resolutions.