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The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here are some articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers. Every brand looks to optimize their social media and drive lots of traffic to their website. In this article, Mashable highlights four strategies to help get you started on a social media optimization plan: 4 Winning Strategies for Social Media Optimization Now everyone’s got a blog, but it’s no walk in the park making that blog

Can Compete Predict The Elections?

November 2nd is here. In the state of Massachusetts, where Compete is based, there is a heated race for Governor between the incumbent Democrat, Deval Patrick and his chief rival, former Harvard Pilgrim CEO and Republican, Charlie Baker. These two have been battling it out for months on the campaign trail. As a Massachusetts voter, I wondered if the web traffic data on Compete could give me some clues as

Sweet Halloween for Amazon

Autumn…a time of sweaters, apple cider, colorful leaves, and goblins!  Halloween is this coming Sunday and it seems that online shoppers having been searching for the perfect Halloween costume for several weeks.  Looking at weekly visitors to the Halloween/costume sections of Amazon, Target, and Walmart, you can see costume traffic has been consistently growing as we approach Halloween.  But from the very beginning, Amazon has led when it came to

Compete Holiday Insights™ 2010

Slowly but surely, consumers are working their way through their holiday shopping list. The newest Compete Holiday Insights™ survey finds that as of October 24, 54 percent of consumers surveyed had started their holiday shopping for the year and 23 percent had completed more than a quarter of their total shopping, up from 50 percent and 16 percent, respectively, two weeks ago. Along with the increased shopping activity came increased

Compete Ranking of Top 50 Web Sites for September 2010 Reveals Shifting Online Landscape

Bing and Gained Share While MySpace and MapQuest Continued to Lose Unique Visitors BOSTON, MA–(Marketwire – October 27, 2010) – Compete, a Kantar Media company, today released its ranking of the top 50 web sites for September 2010. The data show increasing visits to search engine Bing (up 11.7 percent for the month and 108.5 percent for the year) and (up 8.7 percent for the month and 75.3

Diaper Wars

A couple of weeks ago this Business Week cover story about versus caught my eye not only because of my role here at Compete but because of our newfound diaper duty at home. The article delves into the challenge poses to the web’s “Goliath” and I wanted to further look into how this translated into traffic. First, I checked in with our resident CPG expert, Debra Miller Crack Down: Sadly this appears to be working

Here at Compete we’re always looking out for new marketing and advertising techniques – and we found an interesting one recently.

Daily Reach vs. The Gap Logo Swap:

As we all know the Gap logo is back to the way it always has been. How did daily reach get affected during the swap out stint? See the red circle above on October 4th; this is the date of the “new” logo release. Reach was the highest it has been in the past 6 months, meaning on that date was visited, amongst the IBP, higher than…

The Weekly Compete Pulse

These are the articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers. Videos are becoming more and more present in everyday marketing, “To engage audiences with authentic, inspiring, entertaining content, and to encourage those viewers to share that content with their friends.” Mashable highlights 3 tips to help your brands’ videos go viral: 3 Things Any Video Needs to Go Viral Getting ready for the Christmas Season? Search


In 2007 Asus introduced the ‘eee’ and cornered an emerging market in mobile technology – Netbooks.  Catering to those with a web based computing style, netbooks offer the maximum compromise between power and portability.  Recently though, smartphones have begun to encroach on that same market. Although many view them simply as small laptops, netbooks marked a real shift towards cloud computing.  With most of their media storage and application handling

Fantasy Fans Flock to Fantasy Football

Hi, my name is Chris Bulger and I’m a fantasy football addict. Here is my typical fantasy football week: • On Tuesday and Wednesday, I visit fantasy football sites to research players on waivers and find the best players to help my team win. • On Thursday morning I check out my rosters to see which players I was able to claim off of waivers. • On Sunday morning I