Facebook Phone Found at a Bar

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Facebook Phone Found at a Bar

Just kidding!  It’s only people checking in from a bar…these days everyone is updating their status from wherever life takes them.

So the rumors of a Facebook phone have finally died down, but certainly not the buzz of Facebook.  It seems like everyone and their mother (even my own!) is now sharing their thoughts, workout stats, pictures, and even Farmville accomplishments with the world.  But putting “Facebook” and “phone” in the same sentence made me curious as to who is spending the most time updating their status while on the go.

In our latest version of Smartphone Intelligence, we asked Smartphone Owners if they have an account with Facebook, and if so, are they using their phone to access their social networks.  On average, 60% are accessing from their device, but are there any major differences between different ages and genders?

Q:  Do you have an account with Facebook, and do you access it from your Smartphone?

smartphone demographics

In the chart above, we see that while an equal number of female and male Smartphone Owners have a Facebook account, females are more likely to access and update it from their smartphone (65% vs. 56%).  Looking at the age breakouts, I was a bit surprised – I figured that the youngest age group would be most likely to log in while on the go.  But, that’s not the case!  The 25-44 year old age group seems to be the most connected, with 67% accessing Facebook from their smartphone.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog where we will be looking at the differences between maps and GPS usage on the smartphone…is this functionality a savior in helping men avoid asking for directions?