AMC TV: Repeat Mad Men Madness

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of some of AMC TV’s original shows (particularly Breaking Bad and Mad Men), and I don’t think I’m the only one.

A quick look at the winners at the 62nd Primetime Emmys last week shows how strongly acclaimed AMC’s dramas are right now. Breaking Bad lead, Bryan Cranston, won his third Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama series, while his partner in crime, Aaron Paul, won for supporting actor for the first time. Mad Men won for outstanding drama series again for the third year in a row and for outstanding writing. The series was also awarded two trophies at the Emmy’s Creative Arts Awards a week earlier.

Additionally, AMC has made engaging with its fan base a priority by launching a wide variety of interactive content on its website, Have any other AMC fans checked out the widget, quizzes, discussion groups, etc. AMC has been promoting this summer?

Using Compete’s Compete PRO tool, I can get a sense of how consumers are reaching and how the highly anticipated 4th season of Mad Men is contributing to any changes in’s web traffic. Here’s what I found:
“¢ Web portals and search represented the largest referral category for with over a third of the domain’s referrals coming from this category in July
“¢ Social networking represented another 15% of referrals
“¢ The running three month average of “˜mad men’ search referrals to is over 400,000 for June through August
“¢ “˜mad men’ is the top search term referring consumers to, which accounted for 14% of search referrals for June through August

That seems like some significant search activity referring consumers to the site (especially for this particular search query alone). Perhaps chatter on social networking sites contributed its share of referring consumers to as well. The next thing I checked was how much time consumers are spending on
“¢ The average stay on increased nearly 20% to over 5 minutes in July
“¢ Average visits per person also increased to 1.5, suggesting that on average, 50% of visitors visited the site twice during the month

This indicates that Mad Men’s fan base had quite a bit of pent-up demand for the show’s season premiere in late July.

Finally, I went a step further and leveraged Compete’s Online Channel Effectiveness intelligence to see what percent of’s visitors actually visited the Mad Men page. The percent of domain visitors more than doubled in July with nearly 40% visiting the main Mad Men page.

Mad Men Interest
Percent of monthly unique visitors who visit the Mad Men page

It definitely seems like Mad Men is building momentum for, and it will be interesting to see if it continues through the season. I’d love to hear if Mad Men fans out there have visited Post a comment to this blog and let me know!