The Dud of Earl

Ohhhhhhhhh the hype in New England for the arrival of Earl this past weekend! I heard it at the water cooler, I saw it on facebook, I even saw signs in my neighborhood urging me to buy bread and milk. Just look at the increases in daily reach and attention for,, and

The media buzzed and people were interested! I was on the aforementioned websites, looking at the radar. I was pulling for a “dud,” so Labor Day weekend could be enjoyed.

Regardless of whether Earl hit my neck of the woods (Boston) or not, I was most definitely not out stocking up on bread and milk. I’m not knocking the power of mother nature, I guess I just never saw it as a life or death/bread and milk stocking kinda situation. For that I should be thankful as other parts of the US and the World aren’t so lucky. In the last 30 years, only 3 hurricanes impacted New England. Edouard in 1996, Bob in 1991 and Gloria in 1985. I wasn’t around for any of those storms so I guess I didn’t have any New England history to reference.

My most memorable collision with mother nature was the Ice Storm of 1991 that pummeled Western New York. To this day, I haven’t seen more downed trees and power lines. I didn’t go to school for 10 days.

So what’s your storm story?

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